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MFC Group Engineering and Manufacturing Team

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Innovation, that is evident in our equipment and facilities. MFC Group invests continuously in processes and systems designed to deliver greater product value to our customers.

Fluid Flow Simulation

Fluid Flow Simulation

MFC Group utilizes fluid flow simulation, finite element analysis, and 3D material flow simulation tools to produce high quality parts.

  • Advanced engineering tools to provide a technical advantage for our customers.
  • Reduce prototype and PPAP development time.
  • Solid Modeling of parts and tooling, 3D Flow Simulation, FEA and Fluid Flow Simulation.

Expertise in:

  • Material handling, press automation, automated gaging, and vision applications.
  • Automated gages are capable of providing feedback to the machining centers improving process capability and reducing scrap.
  • DataMyte collection system (collection of manufacturing statistical data) within all four plants, providing the analytical data to reduce variation and measure effectiveness.
  • Closed die forming capability. Our tooling is machined in-house using software that directly integrates to our solid modeling system, which reduces manufacturing errors and improves throughput.
  • Proprietary technologies that allow us to reduce forging stock and provide net shape, high-quality flash-less and reduced flash forging designs.
  • Heat treating capabilities: Quench and temper, normalizing, and annealing (including soft, spherodize, and iso-thermal) heat treating capabilities.
  • Tool steel development and improvement for the longest die life possible.